Eclipse Glasses & Events


Solar Eclipse Glasses and Events

For the first time since 1806, Ohio will experience a total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024. This occurs when the moon casts its shadow on the earth as it passes between the Earth and the Sun, completely obscuring the sun for a time. Depending on cloud coverage and weather, stages of the eclipse will begin in Auglaize County around 2PM and will end around 4:30PM with complete coverage around 3:09-3:13PM. In order to gaze into the sky, eye protection must be worn.

Eclipse Glasses
The Auglaize County Libraries will be providing solar eclipse glasses for free at all six of our library locations starting Monday, March 11, 2024, while supplies last. Limit of 2 per person. Must be picked up in person. No reservations. Limited quantity available. These glasses will provide the eye protection required when gazing into the sky during the eclipse. 

Eclipse Events
To commemorate and celebrate this rare occurrence, Auglaize County Libraries will be offering informative and entertaining programs and activities leading up to the Eclipse, in addition to the eclipse glasses. From to DIY Eclipse T-Shirts for all ages to Eclipse Cupcake Decorating for kids to Space Bingo, the Libraries are your spot for all the eclipse fun (and it's all FREE!). View the complete list of Eclipse Events below and mark your calendar for a month of fun!

Eclipse Closing
Auglaize County Libraries will be closed on Monday, April 8, the day of the eclipse, so make sure to make your visit beforehand. 


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