Lucky Day Hotspots

Lucky Day Mobile Hotspots

Auglaize County Libraries are now offering Lucky Day Hotspots in addition to their regularly circulating Mobile Hotspots at each library location, graciously sponsored by Arby's of Wapakoneta. 

Unholdable Hotspots

Hotspots offer you the chance to transform any cell signal into internet--at home, in the car, at the game, wherever--with no cost to you. The new "unholdable" Hotspots will be available on a first come, first served basis. If this hotspot is on display at your library, then it's your lucky day and it's available for checkout! You can skip the holds list and still check it out for the regular two-week period. Once again, we thank our generous sponsor, Arby's of Wapakoneta, for making our hotspot lending program possible. Stop in to see if today is your Lucky Day to pick up one of our new Unholdable Hotspots!

See the Mobile Hotspots Collection page for more information on our hotspot loaning program.