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Wonderbook Read-Alongs

“The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children.” (Becoming a Nation of Readers: The Report of the Commission on Reading)

Auglaize County Libraries now features a Read-Along collection in which audio + print are bound together and available for checkout for a multi-sensory reading experience! Our Read-Along collection features Playaway Wonderbooks.

What is a Wonderbook?

  • Wonderbooks are read-along print books with a ready-to-play audiobook built inside. These books can be used with or without headphones and are available in picture book, easy reader, nonfiction, and chapter book formats.
  • Research shows that hearing and seeing words at the same time can improve reading success rates. Wonderbooks give kids an edge with vocabulary development, phonics, and comprehension.
  • Each Wonderbook also comes with a Learning Mode to switch on after reading along. Learning Mode features fun, narrator-led questions and answer session, open-ended educator-vetted questions about the story the just read, and a powerful way to teach parents how to dialogue with their kids about books.

How does it work?

  • Wonderbooks are currently available at all six of the Auglaize County Libraries.
  • Browse and select the Wonderbook you are interested in and place a hold through the catalog by clicking here.
  • Pick up when notified.
  • Wonderbooks come ready to play. Just turn on, press play, and follow along. You can also switch the mode from reading to learning mode to be asked literacy-based questions for comprehension and follow up for each book.

Who can get one?

  • Patrons of any age may place a hold or checkout a Wonderbook.
  • You must have a valid Auglaize County Library Card and be in good standing.

May I return the Wonderbooks in the bookdrop?

  • Yes, Wonderbooks can be returned to any of the Auglaize County Library locations’ bookdrops or libraries

How long may I keep the Wonderbook?

  • The loan period is two weeks.
  • Devices may be renewed one time if there are no outstanding holds on the item.
  • Patrons will be limited to three Wonderbooks at a time per card.
  • Devices will start out fully charged. Return book(s) to the library to recharge if needed.

What if I break or lose the Wonderbook?

  • You are responsible for loss or damage to the Wonderbook.
  • Any damage/or lost item(s) will be assessed a fee based on the cost to replace the damaged or lost item(s).

What kinds of Wonderbooks do you have?

  • We currently have over 280 Read-Alongs in the collection, with more on the way! Check out the catalog and place a hold by Clicking Here!

Wonderbook Read-Alongs